The status of Late Game Arena and its resumption have been updated by Epic.

By sending players directly into the later stages of a match with a full loadout and supplies, the Late Game Arena Fortnite mode aims to mimic a competitive finish.

Fans enjoy it since it means more action and less time wasted stealing. 

Additionally, you earn Hype points just like in the Arena, so you usually compete against opponents of comparable quality.

Late Game Arena finally made a comeback at the end of Season 3 after being vaulted for the entirety of Chapter 3

However, a number of issues soon after caused it to be withdrawn once more.

They said that activities including Late Game Cash Cups are also scheduled. 

The status of Late Game Arena and its release date have been updated by Epic.

As a Limited Time Mode on the Battle Royale Island, the initial Late Game Arena playlist was created. However, when Epic revised Late Game for Chapter 3, they chose to construct it in Fortnite Creative.